We went through layoffs at work recently. Like a lot of companies, the belt is tightening, and the bathtub drain is getting blugged. I’m lucky to have not been laid off. Lucky again - this is the third “surprise” layoff where I’ve kept my job. I’m batting 1.000 but I know my number has to come up sometime.

I graduated from college in 2009, 9 months into the Great Financial Crisis. I was lucky to get into a good graduate school on a stipend that paid my rent, and even luckier to be leaving undergraduate without student debt. I was lucky that when I needed to quit graduate school I could find a government job.

I was lucky to go to a particular concert, meet a particular person, and lucky that we fell in love. Lucky that the US Government didn’t fuck around with her life and we were able to stay here in California.

I’m lucky to be living through this epidemic in good health, with plenty of food and a functioning society.

Count your blessings.