Unmarshaling JSON in Go: The weird parts

JSON deserialization is Go seems easy, but there are a lot of tricky parts. Come and see!
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Evaluating New Tools

I was reading about Phoenix today, looking at guides and documentation. It’s great to see in a guide when it’s easy to quickly set up a project, that makes it fun to get started and explore. The most exciting thing about Phoenix is that “reactivity”, or live updates, are a core part of the system, not an add-on. Nowadays I find any software without reactive updates frustrating and annoying to use.
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Podcasts At the End of the Indie Web

There’s been a lot of restrospecting lately, lamenting the loss of the “indie web” and its subsumption by content platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter. (I’ve always wondered where Tumblr fit in - more indie than any of these, but still - owned by Yahoo!). A few casualties that fell by the wayside: blogs, web comics, and independent, topic specific forums. All of these media still exist, much diminished and publishing social posts to route you to their sites, but they are still self-hosted, free of editorial control and in their author’s hands.
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GitHub Squash Merges are a Menace

I love squash merging. I think it’s the simplest way to maintain a legible commit history on main, a shared dev branch, etc. It’s easy for most people to follow, and it doesn’t require you to be too Big Brained about git. GitHub even provides a convenient interface for doing this, right in the pull request UI! But GitHub’s squash merge workflow undermines the biggest benefits of squash merges: clear, simple, atomic commit messages that explain what each commit does.
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How We Do Our Best Work

Dan Luu tweeted about some great work interns that he has mentored accomplished at Twitter:

One intern did https://t.co/nsFW20j9Hm and another did interesting data analysis then built a working prototype for across the fleet profiling that others were able to use to find real inefficiencies.

Those are things that could go into a staff promo packet as a major project.

— Dan Luu (@danluu) August 31, 2022

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